Buying a new coffee machine might seem as complicated as buying a new car, since many coffee machines today come with a wealth of options and features; this is good, as it means getting a perfect cup of coffee every morning, but it can also be overwhelming when you're shopping! Rather than assuming that an expensive machine or a particular brand name is the "best" for your needs, note a few factors about the options they offer, and this can help you to select the right machine for your home or office.


Extraction refers to the amount of liquid that is put through the coffee beans, before that liquid is then delivered to the pot or cup. A small amount of liquid might make the coffee seem a bit sour, whereas too much liquid can mean a bitter cup of coffee.

The right amount of liquid to extract through the beans will depend on your taste, as you might prefer coffee to be slightly bitter and strong, or may prefer a weaker brew. A drip machine will allow the liquid to really soak the beans before making its way to the pot below, whereas a machine that quickly pours liquid into the cup will mean a weaker extraction.

Brew temperature

As with the extraction, the brew temperature will affect how the coffee tastes, from sour to sweet. The hotter the brew temperature, the more bitter and strong the coffee. A low brew temperature might produce a sweeter cup.

Ideally, it can be good to find a machine that allows you to adjust the brew temperature, based on your own preferences, and for some flexibility. For example, you might prefer a more bitter cup of coffee in the mornings, or during wintertime, but want something less strong in the afternoon, or for a summer afternoon on the patio. Buying dark roasted coffee beans and using a high brew temperature might also mean coffee that is too strong and dark. Find a coffee machine that you can adjust and that offers some flexibility for each pot, so you can enjoy various tastes of coffee from the same machine.


It's almost always good to invest in a coffee machine that comes with an attached grinder, so you can grind beans fresh every morning. Ground coffee you buy at the supermarket can easily become stale, and may be full of preservatives. With a built-in grinder, you can keep fresh beans that deliver more flavour when brewed.